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How does the card work?

All U Can Talk provides unlimited flat rate long distance, interstate and intrastate calls from anywhere in the continental United States to all 50 states. Calls can be made at anytime, any day of the week.

NO CATCH! You will be able to make as many long distance calls and talk as long as you want. Your call will be cut off at midnight on the day of activation.

Service may only be used from a registered residential phone number. Be sure when registering your service that you call from the phone number that you want the service installed on. See Terms of Service information below.

Terms of Service

All U Can Talk for one day is designed for residential noncommercial use only. No telemarketing, fax blasting, data calls, Internet calls, calls to 900 or 976 type numbers, predictive dialers or other mass communication dialing devices. Any violators will be taken off the network and no refunds will be given. Card expires at midnight on the day of first usage. The balances on cards are nontransferable. This card only works within the lower 48 states.

Activation Procedure

1. Have a pen ready to write down your personal access number.
2. Dial the activation phone number - 1-800-847-5345
3. Enter your pin # when prompted (will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your payment).
4. The automated system will speak back the number you are calling from and will speak back to you the number you will need to dial to use the service. Be sure to write this down because you will need it each time you make a call.(I recommend putting it into speed dial on your phone).
5. Start calling!

Making Phone Calls

1. Pick up your telephone and dial your All U Can Talk for one day Access number (that you received when you registered this service).
2. When you hear the tone, simply dial the area code and phone number that you wish to reach.
3. That’s it!! No Pin numbers to enter, no special codes to dial.


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