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We are a distributor of prepaid calling cards from Americard, Intellecall and the QComm, Encompass, and Radiant Point-Of-Sale Activation (POSA) programs. We provide online access to discount prepaid phone cards through our website as well as high volume distribution to retailers, hotel operators, check cashing services, and to other prepaid distributors. We will work with you to customize a program that will be the most profitable for your business. Use the form below to contact us for more information on how to get started profiting from prepaid products at your location.

Sell Prepaid Wireless Refills at your Store!

More carriers than any other POSA provider. Our current list includes:

Airlink Mobile, AirVoice Wireless, Airvoice Express, Airvoice GSM, Alltel, Amp'd Mobile, Azteca Mobile, Beyond GSM, Beyond Wireless TDMA, Boost, Cingular Wireless, I-Wireless (Cincinnati Bell), Jolt Mobile, Jump from Cricket, Locus Mobile, Locus Call Plus, Locus Oxygen, Locus Platinum, Locus POP, Locus Viva, Mojo Mobile, Movil Listo, NET10,
O-Mobile Monthly Bundled Minutes, O Mobile Traditional Prepaid, Omni Wireless, Page Plus, PlatinumTel, Ready Mobile, STI Mobile, T-Mobile, TracFone, Telrite Buzz, Tracfone, USA 1 Rate, Verizon, & Virgin Mobile

Traditional Phonecard Products from Trusted Companies:

Phoenix Telecom offers premium service and reliability via their Excel switches and routing of more than 90% of their traffic over the tier-1 carrier networks of MCI and Sprint.  Many Phoenix phone cards are differentiated by offering the first 30 seconds free.

Encompass Communications is a well-established supplier of prepaid long distance services. All of the Encompass cards are swipe-activated. Just input the correct load amount as determined by your customer, and swipe the card through your terminal. These cards carry no value until they are swiped, so if they are lost or stolen before activation you lose nothing. Your customer carries them in their wallet, uses them as needed, and comes back to your store to reload them once they are empty.

Q Comm has teamed up with CCI Communications to bring you one of the most competitive long distance products on the market. Penny Supreme and El Sol provide extremely low rates for your customers and industry leading margins for you. Both products are backed by CCI's service guarantee and provide superior quality and value.

Best Telecom is a full service provider offering prepaid calling cards for domestic and international calling needs. They also offer prepaid calling cards that originate from Canada and Mexico, as well as from over 100 different countries.


STi offers quality cards at discount prices for all long distance calling needs. STi's international & domestic long distance rates are among the lowest in the industry.  All STi prepaid calling cards offer quality and reliable connections and are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. STi phone cards compete directly with IDT and enjoy existing market awareness and high demand. These cards sell themselves. All STi local access cards are available in the $5 and $10 denominations; plus some in $2 and $20, also. They have no connection fees, a nominal maintenance fee and expire 90 days after first use. STi nationwide phone cards are available in the $2, $5 and $10 denominations

American Prepaid Distribution offers cost-effective, rechargeable international calling cards. The cards are all variable load, swipe-activated long distance cards. All of their products are rechargeable and each card can be loaded with any amount of money between $2 and $50! All of American Prepaid Distribution's products are swipe-activated, variable-load long distance cards. This means that customers can buy a card and then load any amount of money on it—from $2 to $50—and reuse and recharge the card over and over again.

We also offer prepaid phonecards from Total Call International (TCI), Hargray Prepaid, Quality Calling, Linea 809, and America's Local.


precash logo

Accept Bill Payments for several popular services including:

and more!

In addition to a full suite of prepaid products, our program enables you to accept in-person payments for various bills. Bill pay is actually a post-paid service or a service that consumers pay after usage. Bill pay services are available for various products including Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, DirecTV, and Dish Network. Those who pay bills in person rather than mailing a check or paying by automatic bank or credit card debit include the unbanked and cash-based consumers. Properly promoted, this service can result in significant sales and repeat foot traffic.

PreCash is a payment acceptance service for products including the wireless services of Sprint PCS, T-Mobile. You can also accept payments from Dish Network and DirecTV customers. You decide how much to charge consumers for the ability to pay their bills in person at your location, usually between $3 - $5.

Bill payment is available for Liberty Wireless as well. Liberty Wireless is a new, growing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering compelling wireless service nationwide. You charge a $3.95 fee to the consumer at the time of the bill payment.

AmigoMoney Debit Visa® Card

Sell & Reload the AmigoMoney Debit Visa Card to possibly Increase Your Loyalty, Foot Traffic, & Sales

Two Cards, One Account! Instant access to Cash for your family and friends in Mexico or any other country in Latin America or the world!  It is also the only program that accepts the Matricula Consular as a valid form of identification, greatly expanding the number of people who can qualify. 
(The AmigoMoney Debit Visa Card is issued by BANKFIRST)


The Poni® PIN Card is a retail-based, prepaid remittance product that uses ATMs to easily and cost-effectively allow people living in the United States to send money to their relatives in Mexico. The Poni® PIN Card does not require the sender or the receiver to have a bank account or a credit card, and does not charge the recipient to access their money.
America's Local from Phoenix Telecom is a prepaid Long Distance phone service offering local phone numbers in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, & Honduras that will ring to a phone in the U.S.
Linea 809 is a prepaid product that links a local number in the Dominican Republic to a designated phone number in the U.S. (either cellular or land line). The purchaser's friends and family in the DR can place an unlimited number of calls to their own exclusive local number under their local calling plan without any incurring any long distance charges.

Other Products:

We offer a variety of additional products with our system including:

Prepaid Dial Tone/Home Phone Service - from providers including Get-A-Phone, TSI Home Dial, Reconex, Phones For All

Prepaid Gift, Loyalty, and General Spend Cards from nFinanSe.

Prepaid Internet - from Slingshot

Our Services Support Several POS Devices:

We offer turnkey POS support to make your job simple. Our agents review your retail environment and recommend a POS device that best matches your needs. Various point-of-sale (POS) devices available including the proprietary q xpress 200™ terminal, payment-processing “credit-card terminals” such as the VeriFone Omni 3750, cash registers, and PCs.

Click here for a demo of the q xpress 200™ terminal.

Other Services:

Merchant Accounts - We also offer a merchant account services including credit card processing and check guarantee programs. You have the option to use the same terminal for prepaid card activations and credit card processing.

Gift Cards - You can now have a customized gift card program for your store.

ATMs - Need an ATM in your store? We can do that too!

Merchandising Support:

Establish your store as a “q zone” prepaid center with Q Comm point-of-purchase (POP) materials and tap the strength of a nationwide branded network of thousands of retail locations all offering quality prepaid and related services. The q zone POP promotes multiple product categories including wireless, phone cards, MasterCard and more to help you drive awareness, foot traffic and sales. With the q zone service mark prominently displayed, you will become part of a growing and branded network that consumers increasingly associate with a specific set of high-quality prepaid and related services.
2-sided poster11”x17” 2-Sided Prepaid Poster 8.5 x 11 prepaid change mat8.5”x11” Prepaid Change Mat
4”x6” 2-Sided Prepaid Sign.
(Laminated also available for outdoor use at the pump).

18.5”x5” 2-Sided Prepaid Window Sticker

8 'x2' Outdoor Banner

We also have carrier-specific POP materials available to further drive awareness and sales at your locations.

POSA Services Provided by:

What MyPhonecardSource.com has to offer:

To Retail Establishments:

§           A high quality selection of prepaid products with the most competitive rates including phonecards, prepaid wireless refill cards, prepaid MasterCard®, and Bill Pay.  We only offer a select few Radiant phonecard products for sale on our web site, however, we have several other products available from a variety of carriers for you to choose to sell.

§         Basic point of sale materials including signs and rate charts are provided at no cost to you. Additional point of sale materials including outdoor banners and signs available at cost.

§         Acrylic Display Cases available.  Free for retail/hotel locations, $21.95 - $30.95 for distributors. Display stands for hanging cards are also available.

§         For POSA service, we charge a $50 activation and programming fee. Activation equipment may be leased for $30/month or purchased from us for $525. The lease fee is waived if you $1000 in gross sales per month. For wholesale wireless refill pinsa only, there is a POSA option for Internet-based PIN activation system. Phonecard vending machines are also available.

§         Volume Discounts up to 42%

Please Contact us for more information on how to order phonecards or to get started selling phonecards at your location.

DISTRIBUTORS: We are seeking agents to promote our Point-Of-Sale (POSA) Activation program, credit card merchant accounts, and ATMs. We can also work with you to set up a web site similar to MyPhonecardSource.com.

Sell Prepaid Products Online: Do you have a web site or do you want one?You can join the Affiliate Program and you will not have to do anything but promote the site. You can create links on your own site, but if you don't have one, that's fine. You don't need a web site of your own because you will be provided with a simple address that you can give to your family or friends. The real money in the prepaid industry is made in person to person transactions. An online presence is a great add on to your retail store or your prepaid distributorship. Click here for more information about the affiliate program.

If you have your own website, contact us for great web hosting rates.

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